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The Ever Changing Tides of Google

Google has been filling its knowledge graph with authorship information, and to some extent using this information to determine the quality of specific pages based on past performance of similar pages by the same author. Changes have began in the authorship component of Google's algos.

Tides of Google

Best Practices

Best practices are those which are considered acceptable or most appropriate technique or methodology to take an idea to product. The old school term is text book solutions, because these methodologies can literally be repeated from the last time the business was involved in doing essentially the same thing. Best practices also infers that other companies are using the same or a very similar methodology or even that they are the regulated standard practice.

Best Practices

Before Publishing

As the goals and scope of a site are defined, web marketing begins. The goal being the desired actions of visitors, and the scope being what kind and type of materials will be published. There is a list of things that it is best to consider before beginning. Being flexible is as important for web marketing as it is for life. New opportunities will emerge tomorrow and old opportunities will vanish. Mission statements and brands evolve and may look different tomorrow from how they looked at the beginning.

The list


If a site already exists, lets say it was purchased, and has materials on it, but does not reflect the new owners brand and image then it needs to be re-branded. The first step is to determine what assets the site has that can be reworked to be of value for the new brand. A site that has never effectively used its brand, the same steps as for first time branding can be used.

Re-branding steps

Media Rich Content

White Dove SEO by Design is tooled to be in the leadership position for media rich content. This type of content is the most remember-able type of content that can be used online. Provides the best signals for search engines and is ideal for social media. While many web designers ignore additional media rich content creation, it is the signature of White Dove SEO by Design.

Media rich content